Sheri Josephson
Executive Director

Sheri is an accomplished Executive Director with over 30 years of experience in leadership roles at the YMCA. She has a deep understanding of the complexity of community-based services and is committed to building and maintaining a reputation based on integrity, commitment, and compassion.

Sheri believes that achieving this reputation requires rigorous discipline in research, analysis, strategic planning, and the day-to-day execution of workplans that make the vision a reality. Sheri is acutely aware of the challenges facing communities today, including the opioid epidemic, major weather events, social justice inequities, the housing crisis, and the impact of the pandemic, which have exacerbated gaps and issues facing communities and disproportionately impacted health and wellness services. Sheri's commitment to serving her community is reflected in her work as a board member of the Tzeachten Football Club.
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Meghann Hernández
Community Health Services & Special Projects Manager

Drawing upon her lived experience, education, and dedication to addressing social determinants of health, Meghann assumes responsibility for spearheading initiatives, managing Shared Care projects, and fostering community development activities. 

Her primary objective is to support the Division’s Physician members in delivering comprehensive care that encompasses all aspects of an individual's well-being. In addition to her role in facilitating the Patient Advisory Council, Meghann assumes the responsibility of managing organizational communications. Recognizing the pivotal role that effective communication plays in public health, is committed to ensuring that community members and Physicians have unfettered access to essential information and resources. By empowering individuals with the necessary knowledge, Meghann strives to enable informed decision-making regarding their health journeys.
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Marziyah Hussain
Human Resources Development Partner
Johnny Khounviseth
Patient Attachment Coordinator

Johnny brings a creative edge and mindful approach to all his work. His introduction to the medical environment came from a Medical Coordinator role at a personal injury firm. He brings his knowledge of patient requirements and physician capabilities to design an efficient and balanced way to the patient attachment role.

With an extensive background in psychology, Johnny is a Community Consultant at Simon Fraser University contributing to mindful parenting and personal development research. Understanding the epidemic of burnout, he continues to expand and extend his practice of meditation and mindfulness to help overwhelmed individuals in various industries and businesses.
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Kylie Kruger
Business Manager

Kylie is an administrative and customer service professional with over 12 years of experience in the concert and events industry with an emphasis on client experience, onboarding, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Kylie is an administrative and customer service professional with over 12 years of experience in the concert and events industry with an emphasis on client experience, onboarding, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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Jasmine Sekhon
Prinmary Care Supports and Program Manager

Jasmine joins the Division team as the Practice Support Manager. She brings strong experience in program and community resources development within the non-profit sector for social services. 

Bringing a quality- and process-driven mindset, Jasmine is excited to have the opportunity to support and strengthen the patient medical homes of Division membership in this new role.
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Emily Siemens
Executive Assistant

Emily brings a diverse background to her role as an Executive Assistant with the Division. Raised on a poultry farm in the Fraser Valley, the vast majority of Emily’s career has been in financial services, accompanied by many years in the hospitality industry.

Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, traveling, non profit work, and playing softball. She also enjoys geeking out on wine, an industry that she works part time in, and is working her way through her formal wine education. Emily spends her spare time at the gym, with her partner David and cat Fitzgerald, and loves trying new activities, restaurants, and recipes.
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Nicole Stoner
Patient Attachment Coordinator

Nicole has recently joined the Division Team in the role of Patient Attachment Coordinator, bringing with her experience as an Office Manager in the health field. 

Nicole is particularly excited about collaborating with a team that shares her passion for enhancing access to healthcare for all community members. A firm believer in the significance of meaningful and impactful work, Nicole feels the greatest joy from assisting others. Outside of work, she enjoys watching her children play softball and baseball while soaking up the sun. She also loves to try new recipes and enjoys afternoon coffees with her husband to catch up on their day. Nicole's commitment to wellness is a central aspect of her life, and she looks forward to integrating this passion into her new role.
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